When you contact a bank or a broker, they will certainly tell you that they have integrated the digital dimension and that they can process your file electronically.

It’s true … in part.

In reality, most of them only offer to receive your documents by e-mail. If you call your bank or broker to tell them that you want to take out a loan, they will suggest that you go to an agency with a list of documents essential for processing your file.

However, if for various reasons you cannot travel or if the processing of your file is urgent, you will be offered to send your documents by e-mail.


This is probably when the digital processing will stop

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Once you have sent all your documents by email, you will enter into a negotiation by phone and you will often be offered to receive paper documents, sign them and send them again. And to avoid long delays it will be better to… go to an agency.

Nevertheless, some banks have started to really enter the era of digital processing of credit subscription

The Fine Bank in Belgium offers you a digital process from start to finish. In addition, MoneyRack Bank bank offers you a digital safe to store your personal documents.

We can therefore imagine that, in the near future, most banks should follow this trend. This treatment favors simplicity at the expense of the negotiation that can be entrusted to a broker.

The latter has not yet fully transitioned to these new digital tools.


What about your data?

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In its process, the broker you have chosen will probably ask you for your documents in electronic format and send them to several banks to begin their negotiation phase.

Without realizing it, you allow third parties whose identity you do not necessarily know, to access all your personal information. These third parties are, for example, banks or partner brokers.

What treatment will be done with your documents? How long will they be kept? With what level of security? What data will be used commercially? Your phone number? Your mail? Your income? Your children’s identity? You will never know.

In an era where the confidentiality of information is fundamental, we believe it is necessary to change this approach to negotiation and taking out credit.

Secure safes, data transmission by blockchain and electronic signature are three of the assets that will soon allow you to secure all of the information that you transmit … as long as your bank or broker adopts it.

Until then, you can limit the confidentiality problems when sending documents by asking to be informed of their use, their distribution and the commercial exploitation that can be made of them.

By reading this article, you will understand that bestfinancer.com attaches major importance to the confidentiality of personal information.

We will detail in a next article what are the technical solutions that we will implement to guarantee the security of data on our platform, currently under development.

In the meantime, you can find the rates charged by the banks on our consumer credit comparator mieuxfinancer.com

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