The subsidized loans are loans complementary to your main credit. They often increase your personal contribution and thus reduce the amount of your principal loan. They are intended for the acquisition of real estate and offered on preferential conditions.

Indeed, if you opt for one of the formulas which we will quote below, you can certainly envisage savings compared to a traditional bank loan. The best known is the zero rate loan, but it is not the only one. There are several other formulas, just inquire with your credit institution to check if you can contract one.


Some subsidized loan formulas

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The zero rate loan

The zero rate loan is a very advantageous choice because it offers you interest-free financing. Currently the subscription to this type of credit is not subject to any means test, and does not take into account the size of the family or the geographic location of the property to be acquired. However, the amount allocated depends solely on the result of the property diagnosis concerning the energy performance if it is an old property (more than 5 years) and on obtaining the “Low Consumption Building” standard for new goods.

The official loan

The civil servant loan is a private loan allocated by Rapidlend Credit only to civil servants and active civil servants. This loan must be intended for the acquisition of your main residence. Obtaining it is not subject to any means test, but to subscribe to this type of loan, it suffices that your main loan is a PAS loan (Social Accession loan) or an approved loan. It is granted at a rate of 4% the first years and increases to 7% thereafter. Its duration varies between 10 and 15 years. As for its amount it is fixed according to the number of room of your accommodation and its geographical location.

Pension fund loan

This loan is granted by pension funds for the benefit of a category of employees, mainly managers. These loans are designed for the acquisition of a principal residence or to carry out construction or redevelopment work. The amount granted is generally limited and the repayment tenure is short.


Subsidy from the region or the department

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Departments and regions reserve a budget for assistance in accessing housing. The amount of this aid is generally only a loan supplement and has the same characteristics as a normal loan.

The characteristics of each type of subsidized credit are very varied, which is why it is wise to inquire before any commitment.